Information - Student Health

Parents are asked to keep children home if they are unwell and notify the school via the SkoolBag app as soon as possible. As part of our pastoral care program we will ring parents if children are ill or need medical attention.


Common School Illnesses include:

Chicken Pox - Clear water-blobs becoming dry scabs. Exclude until medical certificate or after seven days if well.


Conjunctivitis - This very contagious eye disease has signs of soreness and creamy discharge, caused by bacteria. Exclude from school, until discharge from eyes has ceased.


Impetigo (School sores) - Red weeping sores. Exclude from school until effective treatment has commenced. Sores should be treated with an anti-bacterial cream after the scab has been removed. Sores must be covered.


Measles - A cold type set of symptoms, then red blot spots on face/hands and spreading. Exclude until medical certificate, or after seven days from rash onset, if well. Government policy is that all children should be immunised for measles.


Mumps - Pain/swollen salivary gland on one or both sides around neck/ear. Exclude until medical certificate or after 14 days from onset.


Ringworm - Circular red area. Exclude from school until the day after treatment has commenced.


Rubella (German Measles) - Symptoms include sore throat and rash. Exclude until medical certificate or after symptoms disappear, (usually 3 – 4 days after onset of rash).


Pediculosis (Head Lice) - Exclude from school until day after treatment has commenced. Because of widespread problems with head lice, we require parents to notify the office if they find their child has had head lice, so that other parents can be advised to check their children’s hair via a letter immediately. When treating the hair please remove all live lice and as many eggs as possible. Please follow this up during the next few days or any missed eggs will hatch. Once a week checks are highly recommended. The office has detailed background information on treatment advice.