Curriculum - WA Curriculum

The provision of a balanced curriculum at West Morley Primary School ensures that over their school life students learn and can demonstrate achievement of all learning outcomes in the Western Australian Curriculum.


Our school ensures the following when planning:

  1. implement the Western Australian Curriculum,
  2. providing breadth and depth for all students in teaching and learning programs;
  3. ensure that all primary school aged (Kindergarten to Year 6) students receive at least fifty per cent of curriculum instruction in literacy and numeracy;
  4. ensure that all students in Pre-Primary - 6 participate in a minimum of two hours of physical activity each week, during the school day as part of student learning programs;
  5. and plan for improvement of individual student achievement, referring to the principles of the Western Australian Curriculum.



West Morley Primary school employs specialist teachers in the areas of: Languages (Italian), Music, Physical Education and Digital Technologies.



Students from Pre-Primary to Year 6 are taught Science by a Specialist Science teacher in our newly rennovated Science classroom.Our school aims to develop our students interest in Science and expand their curisoity, willingness to learn through exploration and develop an understanding of important science concepts, processions and investigations.



We have a specialist Italian teacher who takes classes for students from years 3 – 6. Students learn essential communication skills in that language and a develop an understanding of the role of language and culture in human communication. Students can continue to learn Italian through our feeder high schools.



The school has a Music Specialist teacher who works with the students in Pre-Primary to Year 6. Students in years 3 to 6 also have the option to join the School Choir who practices during one lunch break per week and performs in and out of school.


Physical Education

The school has a Physical Education Specialist teacher who organises specialist clinics, interschool athletics, interschool winter program in netball, soccer and football and many other extra curricular opportunities for students to participate in.


Sports Faction

Each family is in a faction (Red, Green or Blue). Each faction is run by student elected Year Six Faction Captains. Faction colours are allocated when students are in Pre-Primary. Faction t-shirts are available from the Uniform shop via orders taken once a year by the P&C. Children are permitted to wear these on sports days as part of the school uniform.


Swimming Lessons

With swimming pools and beaches a part of our Western Australian lifestyle, ensuring children can swim competently and safely is a must for all families. In-term swimming lessons form part of our Health and Physical Education curriculum and are held over a two week period during the year for students in Pre-Primary to Year 6.