Curriculum - Early Years Education

The specialist Early Childhood Centres are situated on the main school site in Fitzroy Street, Dianella. We currently have three purpose built facilities onsite with access to a vast grassed play area, nature play area, sandpit, playground equipment and garden beds.


We have a comprehensive early childhood program, operating Kindergarten and Pre-Primary classes, delivering concepts in specific sequences to optimise early achievement. The early years of education form a distinct and important phase of a child’s school life. Providing children with a good start to these crucial years is essential for successful school and life long learning. Parents can help by making sure their child has a positive first experience by providing routines that help the child know what to expect and feel secure in new environments. This can reduce their anxiety about going to school and help them develop independence and confidence.


The Early Childhood Centre is open for five full days for Pre-Primary and two and half days for Kindergarten.
Pre-Primary attendance has been compulsory since 2013 and whilst Kindy is non-compulsory, once enrolled Kindy students are required to attend each and every day, unless there is a valid reason for them to not attend.


The West Morley PS Early Childhood program caters for the individual needs of children guided by the National Curriculum, the Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Standards (NQS). Our teachers provide students with a blended curriculum where they are given opportunities to develop through play and structured learning. Parents will be kept up to date with their child’s progress through class meetings, individual interviews, assemblies, SeeSaw Learning Journey and semester reports.


Please become actively involved in your child’s Centre, to ensure that the greatest possible benefit for your child is gained from the first years of education.