Curriculum - Parent Teacher Meetings

The school uses an online booking system where time has been set aside for up to 14 meetings per teacher. These usually start at 3.05pm and finish at 5.15pm. Parentscan book a time to meet with classroom teachers as well as specialist teachers for the areas of Music, Physical Education, Italian and Digital Technologies. Places for the specialist teachers are limited  therefore it is recommended to book early should you wish to meet with one of our specialists.


Meetings are scheduled in 10 minute slots, with 8 minutes allocated to discussing the student’s progress and the remaining 2 minutes allowing changeover to the next appointment. Keeping to the allocated time is important to ensure all parent’s needs are met. Chimes will indicate the ending of sessions to ensure the meetings are kept to schedule.


These sessions are for parents/caregivers who have not had any formal meetings with the relevant teachers to discuss their child’s progress. Parents/Caregivers who already have regular contact with the classroom teacher through ongoing case conferences for updating of Individual Education Plans, or who have had formal meetings regarding their child’s progress this term, will not require a meeting.