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School Programs


The following links are here for our students to access either at school or home. Teachers have designed individual programs for your child. These programs are seen as adding value to classroom lessons.




The Computer School


West Morley Typing Club


Study Ladder

Studyladder is an online English literacy & mathematics learning tool. It also has quizzes on ICT topics.

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Room 6 Click Here

Room 7 Click Here

Room 8 Click Here



Digital Technologies Links

Connect - is a free website used to learn all about programming (coding). In primary school, we use block-based programming.

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Scratch -


Binary Fun Game 

General Links

KidsClick Click Here

A web search tool created for kids who need answers on everything from ghosts to dinosaurs.

Behind the News (BTN) Click Here
A high-energy fun way for upper primary and secondary students to learn about current issues and events in their world. 

The Yuckiest Site on the Web Click Here
Gross and cool stuff about your body and quirky scientific facts. 

Neuroscience for Kids Click Here
Learn about your brain and try your luck with the brain teasers.

CIA World Factbook Click Here

Fact site on every country in the world.

Questacon—The National Science and Technology Centre Click Here
Online science exhibits and illusions, great puzzles and experiments to try at home.


Younger Children

The Playground Click Here

Fun games and activities with ABC kids characters.

Boowa and Kwala Click Here
Songs, crafts, stories and games.

BBC for little kids Click Here
Colouring in, stories and postcards to send to friends.

Dinosaur Playground Click Here
Puzzles, pictures, and games involving dinosaurs.

The Yuckiest Site on the Web Click Here
Bugs, worms, cockroaches and quirky scientific facts.

Fun with Spot Click Here
Adventures and games with Spot the puppy.

Peep and the Big Wide World Click Here
Pre-schoolers and early-primary school students can explore the world of science and maths with Peep the Duck.

Poisson Rouge - Red Fish Soup Click Here
Young children can learn about different languages and play simple games.