Student Progress: Reporting to Parents

Student Progress: Reporting to Parents


Reporting to Parent Initiatives
Term 1 Class Meeting – Information Session
Term 2 Semester 1 Report and Parent Meetings
Term 3 Work Samples and Open Evening / Learning journey
Term 4 Semester 2 Report


Work Samples
This is a collection of learning and assessment tasks at various stages of completion.
Explanation of this work will accompany them. Please go through the folder with your child and get them to go over what they have done.


Semester One Report
This will report on each of the learning areas.


Open Evening
Opportunity to visit the school over a two hour period in the evening to view work from the various classes.


Class Meeting
This meeting held at the start of the year by each Class Teacher. They will look at class organisation, the teacher’s philosophy, the school plan, themes and general information.


Summative Report
This end of year report which is standardised throughout the state provides families with a summary of the children’s progress during the year. In years 3, 5 and 7 this will be
accompanied by NAPLAN information.


Parent/Teacher Interviews
Teachers are always keen to foster contact with parents. This may be in the form of notes home or informal contact. Interviews with parents may be requested from time to time to discuss particular challenges that a student may have.
The major objective of these interviews is to work together to support your child in his/her learning. Similarly, you may request an interview to discuss important issues that may arise, please telephone our office for an appointment time.


Case Conferences
These meetings are held for students who have an individual education plan– academic, behavioural and attendance.