Educational Programs

Educational Programs


A Balanced Curriculum
The provision of a balanced curriculum at West Morley Primary School ensures that over their school life students learn and can demonstrate achievement of all learning outcomes in the Curriculum Framework.


Our school ensures the following when planning:
1. Implement the Curriculum Framework, providing breadth and depth for all students in teaching and learning programs;
2. Ensure that all primary school aged (Kindergarten to Year 7) students receive at least fifty per cent of curriculum instruction in literacy and numeracy;
3. Ensure that all students in Years 1 - 7 participate in a minimum of two hours of physical activity each week, during the school day as part of student learning programs; and
4. Plan for improvement of individual student achievement, referring to the principles of the Curriculum Framework.


The school offers the following special programs to support the main curriculum and to
ensure that we cater for our diverse student population.


Each family is in a faction (red, green or blue). Each faction is run by year six 
student captains.



Students have technology integrated within the normal curriculum and includes the use of Interactive Whiteboards, participating in Mathletics and completing specific projects using Microsoft programs such as word and powerpoint. Two ICT Student Leaders are selected from the year six student body to support staff and students with their ICT management and issues.


We have an Italian teacher who takes classes for 1 hour per week in years 3 – 7.


Extension groups
These are run in various learning areas when staffing is available.


Junior Extension (JETS)
Students are selected by staff in Years 1-3 on the basis of academic performance.


Literacy and Numeracy Support (Students At Educational Risk)
A program for small groups at educational risk in literacy and numeracy areas.


Physical Education
The school has a Physical Education teacher, organised specialist clinics,
interschool athletics, interschool winter program in netball, soccer and football and a daily fitness program.


Primary Extension and Challenge Courses (PEAC)
Primary Extension and Challenge courses run for years 4 – 7 during the year. The courses are run at various schools. Students are selected by staff and/or through a PEAC testing program in Year 4.


School Chaplain
The School Chaplain, Ms Glynis Best is available Thursday and Friday each week. An overview of the Chaplain services is available from the school office.


Student Council
The school selects representatives from the year six body to serve as Councillors.


Students With Disabilities
Our school has a Learning Support Coordinator who works with teachers, parents and
support agencies to implement effective teaching and learning programs for students with a disability.


Swimming Lessons
Held over two weeks at the end of each year for PP – Year 6.


Extension Program
Writing and Maths extension for students in Years 5-6.